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Pacific Coast Hockey Association

1911 - 1924
(Merged with WCHL 1924 which then became the WHL)

The PCHA is often mistakenly referred to as the PCHL in many publications. It probably has to something do with the Patrick's association with both the PCHA and PCHL. In 1911 the PCHA was formed, in 1924-25 the league merged with the WCHL (The same year the cougars won the stanley cup). The WCHL name was changed to WHL in 1925-26 with portland's reentry into hockey. The league disbanded after 1925-26 and a new league, the PCHL was formed. The Patrick's new league still technically retained the western rights for the stanley cup but wasn't considered "pro" enough to challenge by the cups trustees. The cougars were the last non-NHL team to win and play for the stanley cup. - Lee (Western Hockey Legends website)
New Westminster Royals 1912
Portland Rosebuds 1916
Portland Rosebuds
Portland Rosebuds
The team was known as the Seattle Metropolitans. They began playing pro hockey in 1915 in the Pacific Coast Hockey Association. In 1917, the Mets faced the Montreal Canadiens in a best of five series for the Stanley Cup. Seattle won the series and became the first team in the U.S. to win the Cup. In 1919, Seattle and Montreal once again faced off for the Cup however the Spanish Influenza epidemic forced the series to be cancelled before game five with the series tied 2-2. This marked the last time the Stanley Cup was not awarded. In 1920, the Mets travelled to Ottawa to play the Senators for the Cup with the Ottawa team winning the series. Financial troubles forced Seattle to fold after the 1924-25 season.

- John M., Senior On-Line Producer, tsn.ca

Seattle Metropolitans
Seattle Metros 1915
Seattle Metros 1915
Seattle Metros 1917
Seattle Metros 1917
Seattle Metros 1919
Seattle Metros Pre-1923
Spokane Canaries 16-17
Spokane Canaries 1917
Vancouver Millionaires 1912
Vancouver Millionaires 1913
Vancouver Millionaires 1914
Vancouver Millionaires 15-21
Victoria Aristocrats 1914
Victoria Aristocrats 1914
Victoria Aristocrats 1918 ish
Victoria Aristocrats Pre-1923
Victoria Aristocrats Pre-1923

Major Pro
  • NHL: National Hockey League
  • WHA: World Hockey Association

Minor Pro

  • AAHL: All-American HL
  • ACHL: Atlantic Coast HL 81-87
  • ACHL: Atlantic Coast HL 2002-
  • AHL: American HL
  • CHL: Central HL 68-84
  • CHL: Central HL 94-
  • CHL: Colonial HL
  • CPHL: Central Pro HL
  • ECHL: East Coast HL
  • EHL: Eastern HL 33-73
  • EHL: Eastern HL 79-81
  • IHL: International HL
  • NAL: North American Lg.
  • NAHL: North American HL 73-77
  • NEHL: North Eastern HL
  • PCHA: Pacific Coast HA 11-24
  • PCHL: Pacific Coast HL 1926
  • PCHL: Pacific Coast HL
  • PHL: Pacific HL
  • SEHL: South East HL
  • SHL: Southern HL 73-77
  • SHL: Southern HL 95-96
  • SHL: Sunshine HL
  • UHL: United HL
  • USHL: United States HL 45-51
  • WCHL: West Coast HL 21-25
  • WCHL: West Coast HL
  • WHL: Western HL 25-26
  • WHL: Western HL 52-74
  • WPHL: Western Pro HL 96-01
  • WHA2: World Hockey Association


  • CHL: Continental HL
  • NEHL: North Eastern HL
  • SWHL: Southwest HL
  • USHL: U. S. HL 61-79
  • WIHL: Western Int'l HL 54-80

U.S. Jr. A
  • USHL: United States HL (Tier-1)
  • AWHL: America West HL
  • CEHL: Continental Elite HL
  • EJHL: Eastern Jr. HL
  • NAHL: North American HL
  • SEHL: Southern Elite HL

U.S. Jr. B

  • AMHL: Atlantic Metro HL
  • CSHL: Central States HL.
  • EJBHL: Empire Jr. B HL.
  • IJHL: Interstate Jr. HL.
  • MJHL: Metro Jr. HL.
  • MJHL: Minnesota Jr. HL.
  • NPHL: Northern Pacific HL.
  • WSHL: Western States HL.

U.S. Jr. C

  • CHA: Continental Hockey Assoc.

U.S. Senior

  • NESHL: New England Sr. HL

Other / Not sure

Canada Semi-Pro
  • LHSPQ: Quebec Semi-Pro HL

Canada Senior

  • CHL: Continental Senior AHL 72-80
  • HHL: Highway HL
  • NHL: Notekeu HL
  • QVHL: Qu Appelle Valley HL
  • SVHL: Saskatchewan Valley HL
  • SCHL: Seaway-Cyclone S B HL 86-90
  • SAHL: Senior A HL 29-87
  • SEMHL: South Eastern Manitoba HL
  • SNBSHL: Southern New Brunswick SHL
  • SWHL: Southwestern S A HL
  • WMHL: White Mud HL
  • WGHL: Wild Goose HL

Canada Intermediate

  • SIBHL: Southern Int. B HL 69-87
  • ICHL: Intermediate C HL 70-87

Canada Major Junior (CHL)

  • CMJHL: Canadian Major JHL
  • OHA: Ontario HA 49-80
  • OHL: Ontario HL
  • QMJHL: Quebec Major JHL
  • WHL: Western HL
  • WCHL: Western Canada HL 67-78

Canada Jr. A (CJAHL)

Canada Junior B leagues

  • CJHL: Capital
  • COHL: Central Ontario HL 71-92
  • EOJHL: Eastern Ontario JHL
  • GHJHL: Golden Horseshoe JHL
  • HJHL: Heritage JHL
  • KIJHL: Kootenay Int'l JHL
  • MJHL: Manitoba JHL
  • MJHL: Metro JHL 55-91
  • MWOJHL: Mid-Western Ontario JHL
  • NSJHL: North Saskatchewan JHL
  • NWJHL: Northwest (Alberta) JHL
  • NSJBHL: Nova Scotia JHL
  • PIJHL: Pacific Int'l JHL
  • SSJHL: South Saskatchewan JHL
  • SOHL: Southwestern Ontario JHL 76-78
  • VIJBHL: Vancouver Island JHL
  • WJHL: Western JHL

Canada Junior C leagues

  • EOJHL: Eastern Ontario JHL
  • EBJCHL: Empire B Jr. C. HL
  • COJHL: Central Ontario JHL
  • GMOJHL: Georgian Mid-Ontario JHL
  • GBHL: Georgian Bay JHL 70s-94
  • GLJHL: Great Lakes JHL
  • GBJHL: Grey-Bruce JHL 70-88
  • NJHL: Niagara JHL
  • NCAJHL: North Central Alberta JHL
  • WOJHL: Western Ontario JHL

Canada Junior D leagues

  • DJHL: Development JDHL
  • SJDHL: Southern JDHL 60s-88
  • WJDHL: Western JDHL 70-91

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Not sure where these belong:

  • SJHL: Sask. JHL 46-66